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Apr 22, 2013 8:00am PDT
the immigration reform bill, one of the things that senator patrick leahy says is the boston bombings are being exploited in an effort to defeat the bill. does that ring true or is there real concern that right now there needs to be more intense scrutiny on what immigration reform bill means based on what we know about these two brothers and how they got to this country. >> thank you, thomas. i think senator leahy is correct. it's an excuse. it's exploitive. senator grassley said he didn't support the legislation, comprehensive reform and to prey on the emotions of the people right now after this tragedy in boston and to prey on insecurities and justifiable anger, to try to delay a bill, stall a bill, let it drag out and so that nothing is done i think is a tactic. it's not more than a tactic and it's very disappointing. if you want to have security in this country, part of the package has to be comprehensive reform so that millions of people out there that are undocumented come forward. we know who they are. background check. you begin to call who is eligible for an opportunity to a path to ci
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Apr 22, 2013 7:00pm EDT
patrick leahy is holding three hearing on the bill, one last friday, one today and one tomorrow they are done, which had to be one tomorrow had to be added because homeland security secretary napolitano withdrew from friday's hearing over development in boston, she had to be there to manage the matter. so why do you think they are in such a rush? this is a faster pace than obamacare. we know how that turned out. almost half of our senators were not in offers the last time immigration reform was being debated ied in 2006 and 07. you think they would want more people. everyone talks about a path to is the ship for erst maded 11 -- citizenship forever estimated 11 million immigrants, i don't know anyone that believes that number, don't you think these congressional hearings should reflect a definnive inive defin? that is one question there are more, looking at some questions, how many illegal immigrants in this nation are educat educated? we don't know. at what level are they educated? we don't know. how many graduated from high school? we don't know. how many have a college degree
Apr 23, 2013 2:30am PDT
of the witnesses that have come here. >> behavioral issues, earlier, senator patrick leahy opened the hearing with tough words for his republican counterparts. >> last weeks proponents exploit the boston marathon bombing. i urge restraint in that regard. refugees and asylum seekers have enriched the fabric of our founding. let no one be so cruel as to try to use the heinous acts of these two young bhen to derail the dreams an futures of millions of hard working people. >> well, a number of republican snores, including rand paul, are urging the reform process to be slowed in the wake of the attacks, other members of the gop see it differently, among them the house speaker and former vice president presidential nominee. >> what about the immigration event. there is a lot of talk to sideline that movement. >> well, it may for a couple of days until they understand what our immigration system are known didn't they know, what impact this would have on it. primarily, i'm in the camp of if we fix our immigration system, it may actually help us understand who all is here, why they're here and what le
Apr 9, 2013 11:00pm PDT
semana por su parte el jefe del comite judicial del senado patrick leahy aseguro que esta de acuerdo en celebrar una audiencia en cuanto sea presentada la legislacion y ha prometido un debate ilimitado un proceso amplio de debate interno en el congreso es una de las condiciones que piden algunos legisladores republicanos, cuyo partido domina la camara de representantes ---hoy, la senadora federal por california, diane feinstein, informo que se ha llegado a un acuerdo provisional para acabar con una disputa para que los trabajadores agricolas sean parte de la reforma integral. ---esto debido a que la industria agricola y los sindicatos laborales no parecen coincidir entre el numero de visas a otrorgar y el salario de los trabajadores. .. de esta manera empresarios y senadores estan negociando en paralelo como ampliar y reformar totalmente las cuotas de entrada de trabajadores en todos los sectores , mientras que los legisladores y el gobierno debaten como cuantificar la seguridad fronteriza. outro las negociaciones son complejas y tomaran tiempo ... cabe mencionar que la ultima gran refo
Apr 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
las objeciones en el comite continuaron. por ejemplo el presiente del comite judicial patrick leahy dijo que la propuesta no cumple con los deberes del pais... mientras la comision federal de derechos civiles indico que los inmigrantes sin papeles seran dura competencia para estadounidenses con capacitacion deficiente... muchos obstaculos.... harian posible dar marcha atras al sueno de 11 millones? aun falta mucho por recorrer entrevista bernardo merino todavia no esta en el senado... una iniciativa primero sufre varios pasos antes de ser presentada y lugo se vota para aprovar o rechazar el proyecto de ley.... blanca ---mientras que aqui en la ---mientras que aqui en la region, las autoridades aumentaron sus medidas de seguridad. take vo ---esto comenzo a partir de esta noche... antes, durante y despues del primer juego de la series que "los gigantes" disputaron contra los padres de san diego. ---decenas de policias y perros entrenados para detectar explosivos han estado revisando las inmediaciones del estadio para resguardar la seguridad de los aficionados... cu ---vamos a la pausa
Apr 10, 2013 3:00pm PDT
choose people over politics. >> michael: they might not have to wait long. patrick leahy told univision that a deal is imminent. but there are several extremely controversial elements. like a system to monitor everyone who comes in and out of the country. but the most controversial part is border security. law enforcement must stop 90% of people illegally crossing the border. waiting until the border is more secure could create an indefinite debate for immigrants that are already here. and 11 million people in this country will still not have a path to citizenship. coming up in "the war room," the participate's bill has an olive branch or two, but progressives aren't happen. and we'll tell you what hand when rand paul went to a black college to discuss the history of civil rights. afterwards we'll talk with julian bond who is actually qualified to talk about it. and they are back. some of our country's most disgraced public figures are proving that getting caught in the about does not preclude you from having a second act. bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually
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Apr 27, 2013 10:00am EDT
judiciary vote chairman patrick leahy is holding three hearings on the bill. one last friday, one today, one tomorrow, they're done. which had to be -- the one tomorrow, homeland security secretary napolitano withdrew the hearing because of developments in boston. why do you think they're in such a rush, because a rush it is? this is even a faster pace than obama care. we all know how that turned out. almost half of our senators weren't in office the last time immigration reform was being debated, back in 2006 and '07. you would think people would want more hearings to get a few answers to some questions, to hear the american people on this burning issue. everyone keeps talking about a path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. i don't know anyone who believes that number. some say more, some say fewer. but don't you think those congressional hearings should reflect a definitive answer to that? well, that's just one question. we don't know. how many have a college degree? if you thought, we don't know, you're right. how many have jobs? we don't know. how many have sk
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Apr 6, 2013 10:00am EDT
, patrick leahy. he'll consider holing one, one single hearing on immigration reform if the spirit so moves him. joining us to talk about where we're headed with this, the executive director of the national immigration forum, an attorney for vincent and elkins, and the co-author of numerous state anti-illegal immigration laws, the kansas secretary of state. thanks for being here. we'll begin with you. i've got to put it just like this. i mean, leahy talking about maybe he'll consider one hearing. a third of the senators in the united states senate weren't there the last time comprehensive immigration was attempted. >> already the judiciary committee has had handful of here's on immigration restorm. there have been numerous oversight hearings. >> lou: you're satisfied with it? >> this is not an issue that's new to the u.s. senate. >> lou: a third of the senators -- >> i mean, i think that the congress is ready to debate a law enforcement let's get this going. >> lou: just like that. just sort of like health care? >> these are pretty smart guys. >> lou: all right. how smart are these guys, fi
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Apr 12, 2013 7:00pm EDT
on tuesday, just one day ahead of the only scheduled hearing on immigration legislation that senator patrick leahy has his way. the few details that have emerged tonight are, i must say, encouraging, but is far too early in the details are far too few to make any assessment. here is what we do know. a senate aide says the bill would bar anyone who arrived in this country after december it -- december 301st 2011 from applying for legal status or citizenship. applicants would have to document their arrival in the united states. there would have to show proof of a clean criminal record and also provide documentation of and of employment and financial stability that would assure authorities that they would not be on public assistance programs of any kind. fox news setting another aide confirming of the legislation would call for surveillance of 100 percent of the southern border. apprehension of 90 percent of those trying to cross and designated so-called high-risk areas. how these provisions were being enforced is still not known. center marco rubio has offered himself up as the public face of
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Apr 1, 2013 7:00pm EDT
would sign off on a bull that is being pushed by senator schumer and president obama. >> and patrick leahy is the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. >> something is serious and complicated as i ration reform should not be done in haste, nor should it beedone in secret which a lot of this is going on. rubio and others are saying, if really going to start down this path we have to make sure it's done in a transparent way so that the american public can judge for themselves. lou: you wants to see democracy in a democracy. >> every member of that senate democrats. when this issue its thoroughly vetted. lou: thoroughly vetted. you heard him say that there what definitive legislative language and they are done. that is exactly. that is exactly what he says. >> is going to get to the senate for a vote. it will be ample debate. the going to let them vote on it? >> really nice people. >> did you ask? built the house and the senate? >> it's up to the president. >> the absurdity. let's get those senators. one who is on the potential prosecution. one member of the leaders that is retiri
Apr 19, 2013 6:00am EDT
amendments. chairman patrick leahy has pledged an extensive markup. the committee improves -- include some leading opponents of immigration reform, who will have a chance to challenge our ideas. this ensures the bill will emerge from committee battle tested. we will have a full debate on the floor. senator harry reid has pledged to take it up no later than june. as with any compromise, no one got everything they wanted. there were moments when it looks like an agreement would not come. the negotiations over its future flow program were particularly intense. realizing the high stakes, the business community and organized labor rows to the occasion. richtom donahue and trumpkin signed their names to the effort, it became clear to an agreement was possible. other stakeholders came to the other as well. many of them are here today. we thank you all for helping us make this dream become a reality. [a if you are wondering why we are confident we can be successful at passing immigration reform th aroeoo me. these folks here. an unprecedented coalition has formed in favor of immigration reform, fa
Mar 31, 2013 6:30pm PDT
patrick leahy of vermont, as you knocalled the g of 2013. it would give the justice department the ability to sue states and counties that fail to uphold the sixth amendment right to counsel. it also promises money to states to improve indigent defense. do you expect anything to come out of this? >> it's a first step, but i actually think until we appreciate that we are in a crisis, that what we're doing is just fundamentally unjust, that we're throwing hundreds of thousands of people away in ways that cannot be reconciled with a country committed to fairness and see it as a crisis in many of the same ways that we saw the civil rights conflicts of the '60s, as a crisis moment and what we were doing to the desperately poor in the '20s and '30s as a crisis moment we're not going to have the will to actually move forward. i think that congress can play a role. but i think the court plays the critical role here. if the court starts saying, "look, we are not going to tolerate these kinds of trials where the lawyers are unprepared and unskilled and if we challenge some of what we've seen in some
Apr 15, 2013 6:00am PDT
to marco rubio on the right, patrick leahy, susan collins. how procedurally is this going to work? is this an amendment to the overall gun bill? >> it is. one of my concerns right now is while everybody else is debating all of the controversial amendments, we don't know if the assault weapon ban will be filibustered, that every amendment is filibustered. i worry about getting lost in that because this is something that is real, can help solve problems and it has bipartisan support. >> you believe you'll have 60 plus votes for this. >> i do. i believe if we can get it to a vote we'll have 60 plus votes. >> how is this paid for? >> we use an offset. i'm on the finance committee. >> what is the offset? is it a tax? >> no, it extends a part of health reform that relates to hospitals as we transition to health reform, less cost -- >> is this covered in your health care plan? >> it's extends something we've voted on several times. the cbo says it will cost $10 million. >> speaking of budget issues, the president came out, i want to ask you about this, the president came out with this id
Apr 26, 2013 7:00am PDT
the bill may 9th. patrick leahy says any amendments will be made public on the website before those markups can begin. joining me now, former rnc chairman michael steele and democratic strategist, marji omara. so politico says the predictions of majority support from republicans and democrats is a more ambitious goal, michael, than any members have previously stated. do you think they're right to be so confident? >> yeah, i think they are. i think that as irony would have it, you know, we thought guns would lead the way and immigration would fall by the wayside, given the, you know, the personalities and the intentions around the subject of immigration, but the reverse really seems to be the case. immigration has a new, fresh momentum. you've got a markup date set, amendments are going to be put in place, it's going to be public, it's going to be viral, and i think it's all due to the fact that the party recognizes it's time to get off their duff and get something done on this, because they're losing by the moment. and certainly, each month, with 50,000 new hispanics, 50,000 hispanic youth
Apr 10, 2013 10:00pm PDT
.r.a. said it would support a proposal by republican senator susan collins and democratic senator patrick leahy. it cracks down on gun trafficking and on so-called straw purchases-- when someone buys firearms for those barred from owning them. all of this, as first lady michelle obama returned home to chicago, addressing a conference on young people and gun violence. >> we need to show them not just with words, but with action that they are not alone in this strule. we need to show them that we believe in them and we need to give them everything they need to believe in themselves. >> woodruff: the first lady also visited harper high school on chicago's south side, where 29 current or former students have been shot in the last year. eight died. last february, the first lady attended the funeral of 15-year- old hadiya pendleton. she was killed just days after performing with her school band at the presidential inauguration. for a closer look at the persistence of inner city gun violence, we turn to paul barrett. he is the author of "glock, the rise of america's gun," as well as assistant ma
Apr 11, 2013 5:30pm PDT
: vermont democrat patrick leahy fired back that such arguments were overblown. >> senators should understand what is in this bill the small minority of republicans are seeking to prevent the senate from even considering. the bill has three parts. none of them threaten second amendment rights. none of them call for gun confiscation or a gun... government registry. >> woodruff: in the end, gun control advocates acknowledged that today's senate outcome does not guarantee ultimate success. at the white house, spokesman jay carney called it a "first stage." >> this is an important milestone, but it is a early milestone. and there is no question that challenges will continue to be placed in the way of making progress on passing commonsense legislation that would reduce gun violence, but we are obviously very pleased with today's vote. >> woodruff: carney also said that, after the vote, president obama telephoned families of several children killed in the newtown school shootings. some of them had been lobbying senators all week to take up the gun control legislation. now, debate begins
Apr 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
patrick leahy wasn't only carrying paperwork when he walked into the hearing. the committee chair was holding a small drone aircraft, showing off the device that weighs a mere two pounds to ranking member chuck grassley of iowa. >> just in the last decade, technological advancements have revolutionized aviation to make this technology cheaper and more readily available. >> sreenivasan: similar to state and local governments, chief among the committee's concerns: privacy. amie stepanovich was one of the witnesses who testifd before the committee. >> the privacy laws that do exist are very targeted, the approach that the united states has taken to privacy, and they don't encompass the type of surveillance that drones are able to conduct, and because of >> sreenivasan: stepanovich works at the electronic privacy information center or epic, a non-profit in washington d.c. >> we want to see legislation that addresses aerial surveillance as a whole. that doesn't necessarily look at what technology is available on the market now, but what could be available, what has been available and a
Apr 10, 2013 7:00am EDT
, possibly thursday. there is "usa today" with the headline. patrick leahy has been trying to speed up process. in an interview tuesday he said he will hold immigration hearings april 17 and hoped there would be a bill by that time. outline of what is next with immigration legislation. and also some of the headlines on that. pro-immigration groups are rallying on capitol hill today to talk about this legislation. and then also "the washington times" reporting that in the house, a gop bill gives two years to seek or -- to secure the u.s. border. ,t is important legislation even though the two members working on this are not part of the overall group working in the house. he said, though, none of the sponsors is part of the informal house or senate talks to strike a deal. the bill appears to be written as if it could have become the border security trigger in any deal. under a trigger, the border security conditions would have to be met in order for illegal immigrants to put on a pathway to citizenship. theo on immigration, " baltimore sun" reporting there is dispute still over farmworke
Apr 6, 2013 4:35pm EDT
and >> legislation introduced this month by senators patrick leahy and mike leigh would limit how law enforcement can access private e-mail. google and the constitution project hosted a discussion about this and other proposals to strengthen privacy for digital communications. it is an hour and 45 minutes. going tothink we are get started. i am sharon bradford franklin, senior counsel with the constitution project. i want to welcome you all and thank you for joining us for this program -- "is privacy a thing of the past: how government has outpaced the law on privacy in electronic communications." i want to thank google for providing this space and a wonderful lunch and again, thank you for joining us. the constitution project, for those of you who are not familiar with us, is a constitutional watchdog base here in washington, d.c., and we bring people together from across the political spectrum and work with them to develop recommendations for policies that promote constitutional safeguards. we have a criminal justice program that works on a variety of criminal justice
Apr 8, 2013 10:00am EDT
antidotes constitutes data. in the days of the full patrick leahy restrictions, we were about to travel to indonesia to do training on non- lethal weapons. we use that to go there frequently. at one of the mandatory things we had to do was to start with a class on militaries in a democratic society and justice system. createdtagon, god bless, the class for us. it was 20 a mind-numbing slides all to be given with a lot of detail on them. nevertheless, the sessions, especially with the indonesian junior officers, it turned out to be exciting. these were captains float in english or at least competent. if they had done their homework. we cannot get through the class and the allotted time without all these capt. springing up incidents from the american past that we would prefer not to talk or think about. it shows that the were thinking and people that are past a certain age are probably not going to reach them. they are vested in the current system. he senior officer, they have the tendency to say we always done it that way. been able to get into these countries and work at the capt. or at
FOX News
Apr 18, 2013 8:00am PDT
. such letters were sent to the office of then senate majority leader, tom daschle and patrick leahy. list turned up at multiple media outlets. the army doctor that became the same suspect killed himself before charges could be brought. the case was officially closed. dr. scott gottlieb is former commissioner of the food and drug administration. given the context this week doc, we thought it was worth talking about how prepared we are. what is the risk to us, not just the lawmakers or the media about these sort of, these sort of attacks? >> we're more prepared than we were. we forward-deployed sniffing devices to detect things in the environment and i will pound mail that goes to official facilities like capitol hill or white house. this person must have known that this mail could be intercepted but that doesn't absolve of the clumsy murder attempt. he did everything but put his address and fingerprints on envelope. the real risk is not necessarily organized plot or someone trying to perpetrate a terrorist the act but a lone mad scientist with diabolical intent with a apocalyptic vision who has t
Apr 23, 2013 3:00am PDT
the senator demeaning the witnesses that have come here. >> earlier, senator patrick leahy who chairs the judiciary committee opened the hearing with some tough words for his republican counterparts. >> last week, opponents of comprehensive immigration reform began to exploit the boston marathon bombing. i urge restraint in that regard. refugees and asylum seekers have enriched the fabric of this country from our founding. let no one be so cruel as try to use the heinous acts of these two young men last week to derail the dreams and futures of millions of hardworking people. >> while a number of republican senators including rand paul are urging the reform process to be slowed in the wake of the boston attacks, other members of the gop see it differently. quite differently. >> so there's the vision, do they get to 60? steve rattner? >> i think they probably do in the end because i think the basic forces that led us to have this immigration bill on the table, the confluence of interest between the republicans and the democrats, i think ultimately prevail. and i think what they're doing
Apr 1, 2013 7:00am EDT
will have an agreement among the eight of us next week. senator patrick leahy has agreed to have extensive marked up and debate on the bill in april. and we go to the floor in may. host: that was chuck schumer. richard is our next caller in minneapolis on our republican line. caller: good morning. sellout by our politicians, all of them should be voted out. 16%ot a prediction of unemployment. i think it is disgraceful to our politicians that are being bought out by the big corporations. it will lead to more age discrimination like fairview health services due here in minneapolis. thank you. host: daryl in new jersey on our independent line. caller: this is absolutely outrageous. i just want to say to people, if you are a professional person -- i'm a software engineer, there's a game being played now by employers pick. they no longer do their own human resources or own talent recruiting. what is happening is professional on the east coast are getting calls from recruiters on the west coast and the south and southwest and they are saying we have a great opportunity, six figures, but we will
Apr 11, 2013 5:00pm EDT
on the president's 2014 request. remarks from vermont senator patrick leahy and texas senator john cornyn on gun control issues and ways to reduce gun violence. on c-span3, confirmation hearing for epa nominee jenna mccarthy. and earlier today national intelligence director james clapper discussed recent budget cuts, security threats and why he feels the u.s. is less safe. he was joined at this hearing about cia director john brennan and f.b.i. director robert mueller, head by the house intelligence committee. it's an hour and 45 minutes. >> bring the committee to order. we will get our opening statements under way to get to our distinguished panelists and statements. i want to welcome national intelligence director james clapper, cia director john brennan. director of defense intelligence agency, michael flynn and director of the f.b.i., robert mueller. for the yearly open hearing before the house intelligence committee. as a reminder to all members, we're in open session and we should be careful not to discuss classified matters. whether he have a closed session immediately following this sess
Apr 21, 2013 7:00am EDT
to the statement of this. you quote patrick leahy. the projectt that taking a look at certain advances in post-9/11 that were unprecedented in american history. both those assertions are correct. one thing i would encourage kerry or anyone that may be dubious as to the findings and recommendations that this group of individuals, patriotic task force members, is that the report is available online, it's not a light or short read, -- it's an incredible would encourage all americans to review the report for yourself and afterwards, come to your own conclusions. i believe that someone who comes to it with an open mind, like the task force said -- we had people from across the political spectrum, a broad range of views, had looked at this and ultimately reach these confusions. host: the report is available at a comment from a viewer. guest: excellent question. detaineesa number of that have been cleared and have not been released. some of them have been there for well over a decade. .he caller is right one of the task force's recommendations, where
Apr 23, 2013 7:00am EDT
. the senate judiciary committee. we will bring that to you in just a moment. the chairman, patrick leahy, chastised just -- chastised some of his gop colleagues by time ast week's attack to comprehensive immigration bill that was introduced last week. ill" -- "the hel we saw some things post-9/11 that were enacted that, if we had a bit more rational time to think it through, perhaps we would not have had some pushback on it. what you think about this? kathleen is our first call from chicago, illinois. , i do not think the bill should be pushed back. the republicans have gotten one agenda, and that is to try to tear president obama's agenda. why should you relate those two guys to immigration? no, let immigration go through. i hope they have the sense of know-how that when they bring this gun bill back -- they brought the health care bill back -- that they vote right. people in this country are hurting. all these republicans do, let's stop obama. republicans, wake up to rick the 90/10 want gun control. people all around the country want to elect this president and want to get his agenda t
Apr 11, 2013 6:00am PDT
in a comprehensive way since 1994. patrick leahy who is currently the longest-serving senator, says he has seen a lot of debate over the years, and there is no question that republicans must allow this one to move forward. >> if there was ever an issue where all 100 of us should vote yes or no it's here. >> chris murphy took the floor and shoek of sandy hook elementary new principal, and how she was proud of the new system she had in place to protect the children. >> it doesn't work too well when the person trying to gain entry doesn't need to press the buzzer instead can make an ar-16 and knock out the windows. >> stephanie: he said 30 people a day die because of guns and now we have the power to do something about it. south korea is urging the north to simmer down and come out and talk about what it wants, but at the same time south korea is also deploying destroyers and putting missile tracking systems on high alert. we're back with more show after the break. stay with us. ♪ next on current tv. vanguard: the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> wher
Apr 22, 2013 6:00am PDT
chairman patrick leahy this morning. >> we need an immigration system that lives up to american values helps write the next chapter in american history by reinrigvating our economy and the kind of country that attracted my maternal grandparents. >> that hearing is still going on at the moment. meanwhile, some republicans like senators chuck grassley and jeff sessions have started wondering allowed whether we should slow down immigration reform in the wake of last week's marathon bombers. just the opposite. we need to act more quickly to identify who is here and to use reform to toughen current regulations. >>> we're finding out today that neither of the boston bombing suspects was licensed to carry a gun. this according to the cambridge police department which says that 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev was not old enough to apply for a license because he would have to be 21. the department has no record of 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev ever applying. massachusetts state law does say those under 21 can get a firearms i.d. card. they can own a shotgun or a rifle holding less than ten rounds
Apr 11, 2013 8:00pm EDT
place in advance or legislation. orders are set up by the chairman patrick leahy texas republican senator john cornyn and connecticut senator richard blumenthal. senator blumenthal spoke about the victims of the sandy hook elementary schools students and their families. >> mr. president earlier this week i spoke about the need for the senate to consider legislation to help increase america's safety by reducing gun violence. i came on the floor of the senate and i urged my fellow senators to expand efforts to filibuster a proceeding to this bill. the senate to not -- should not have to overcome a filibuster to respond to the call for action in response to gun violence they are experiencing. mr. president i have the privilege of being a long serving member of this body and i have watched debate on so many issues. if there is ever an issue all 100 of us should vote yes or no, it's here. i was encouraged by the comments of a number of senate republicans that they are prepared to debate this matter and will not support this wrongheaded filibuster. even "the wall street journal" editori
Apr 9, 2013 12:00pm EDT
kirk and senator collins and, of course, our chairman, patrick leahy, relates to whether or not we are going to throw a book at those who purchase guns with the knowledge that they'll be used in the commission of a crime. and we do. the penalty starts at 15 years of hard time. but we said in chicago at a press conference was girlfriends every girlfriend, think twice. is he worth it? is is he worth 15 years behind bars for to you buy a gun and hand it over to a gang banger who kills somebody at night? that's what folks have to put into their calculation whether or not they take that risk. that's one of the provisions in this firearms bill. i would like to think everybody would agree with this provision unless you happen to be in that rare group of americans who believes that selling firearms in volume no matter whom they're sold to is the best thing for our country, then you have to drea agree that clamping down with federal hard time for those who make strar purchases is a good idea. i think it is. it's the lead measure in this firearms bill that will come before us. there are othe
Apr 9, 2013 3:00am PDT
hurdles include, and joe will really enjoy this, home state farm interests. senator patrick leahy of vermont is concerned about dairy farmers. cokie also will appreciate this, chuck schumer of new york concerned about the apple pickers. so their needs to have to be worked out with the western growers who are driving this debate. also as you mentioned, the cost is going to be a big point of debate. conservatives are sort of taking this as their way to attack a deal. the heritage foundation is going to be out with a report shortly saying that the cost is not just in the border enhancements, but also in the potential liability for obama care, other government programs, the senate is going to put out a bill if they come to this deal that's revenue neutral, but the house which has its own gang says that their bill will show a significant cost of the government. >> if you blow down the opposition, according to you implies, it's too expensive to do immigration reform. mike allen, thanks so much for a look inside the playbook. and i trust there might be a birthday wish somewhere in the pl
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